Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund has been in existence for over 30 years. In that time it has provided thousands of dollars of financial support for graduating seniors through community contributions.

The Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. It is a separate entity from Reavis High School, governed by its own Board of Directors. Foundation Board members are community and business leaders, alumni, and parents who donate their time and talents. The foundation is a forum for individuals and organizations to demonstrate their financial support to the District in order to ensure the continuation of high quality programs and services for the District's young men and women.

You are not just helping one student, you are helping many.

Students receiving scholarships are in the Top 10% of their graduating class. With a single, tax-deductible donation, no matter what the denomination, you are contributing to the continuing education of all the graduates receiving scholarships.

There are several ways to participate...named scholarships, matching corporate gifts, bequests of money or property, or simply make a donation and become a member of:

RHS Education Foundation Club with a donation of $1,000 and Above
William Claude Reavis Heritage Club with a donation of $500 - $999
Triple A Club with a donation of $250 - $499
Ram Pride Club with a donation of $100 - $249
Blue and White Club with a donation of $25 - $99

Reavis Heritage Garden

Receiving a decorative brick in the terrace of the Reavis Heritage Garden, built on the site of the first building constructed on campus, is just a donation away. Individuals who donate $125 or more, or a business or community group that donates $1000 or more, will receive a brick inscribed with their name or group and it will be set in the terrace.

Donors who donate $100 and more are honored with a sit-down dinner in spring, where you have a chance to meet with all the Educational Foundation Scholarship winners, Community members and Foundation Board members.

If you need more information or want to volunteer to serve on the Foundation Board, call 708.599.7200, ext. 247.

Board of Directors
Mr. Frank Bednarz, '86, President Mr. Eric Novak, Treasurer
Mr. Drew Bandusky, '79, Vice President Dr. Daniel J. Riordan, Superintendent
Mr. John F. Seper, '75, Vice President Mr. Timothy J. Smith, '71
J.R. Higgins, '06 Secretary Mr. Dennis Wierzal
Mr. David Brost, '68 Mr. Thomas Witting
Dr. Lawrence P. Daker Ret. Senator Louis Viverito
Ms. Katie Duzan, '99 Mrs. Julie A. Schultz
Mr. Raymond P. Negrete