Literacy Mission

Reavis High School Literacy Coaching Mission

The mission of literacy coaching at Reavis High school is to provide students with the literacy skills they need for success in high school and will be able to use well into the future. Through collaboration with literacy coaches and professional development, teachers from all content areas will use literacy practices that align with the particular curriculum, fit the teacher's style, and address needs of the students based on our most up-to-date assessment information. The goal is for all teachers to use strategies, activities,texts, and lessons grounded in research that represent best practices in literacy instruction to meet the needs of individual students in their classes.

Reavis High School Literacy Vision

To prepare Reavis High School students for their future in a global society by engaging all students in high quality, research-based, best practices literacy instruction that will enable them to become proficient readers, thinkers, and learners in all content areas.

Reavis High School Literacy Goals

  1. For students to understand the importance of literacy.
  2. For students to read actively and apply reading strategies specific to content areas.
  3. For students to increase vocabulary in all classes
  4. For students to effectively communicate through writing in all classes
  5. For students to become more aware of their own literacy through self- reflection
  6. For students to understand assessment results and to plan for their individual improvement