Environmental Club

Students who want to increase their knowledge and awareness of the many environmental problems and issues facing contemporary society will want to join the Environmental Club. Club members host and participate in Environmental Week. The highlight of the spring event is an Environmental Fair, featuring displays and projects on air and water pollution, the depletion of the rain forests, thermal energy, animal extinction and other topics. Also, students hear special presentations from various experts who work to protect the environment. Past speakers have been from Waste Management, Inc., Greenpeace, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Field trips are also part of the club’s activities, and there are no dues. 

So, what exactly is the Environmental Club? It's an organization that tries its best to educate Reavis' students about the environment, mainly prairie restoration in the local forest preserves and to get them active for a better, brighter future.

There are usually two meetings a month: the first and third Tuesday. These meetings are meant solely to inform the club's members about upcoming events and to get them to make environmentally friendly decisions of their own. For example, a typical meeting may involve a discussion about what worthy organization to donate to, where to go for a fun day, or how to prepare for the next major event. There is always the Homecoming float to work on in the beginning of the school year, helping out seed collecting wherever that is needed. Towards the end of the year, there is the environmental speaker, poster contest, dead battery contest and when we can arrange it, Recycle day. Then, there is an outing to a local prairie preserve usually from 8:30am to noon on the third Saturday of the month. The club goes here to help maintain the area...and, if it's a lucky day, a snowball fight may happen, or burning all the brush that we have cut down over the years.

But of course, what's a club without a little fun? For everybody who attends the month's Work Day, there is also a Fun Day, where members can do virtually anything they choose, from going to see a movie at Navy Pier to ice skating, and anything in between! The active members only pay 1/2 the cost. Sound like fun?

Sponsors: Monica Manzke