Staff Job Title Department Email
Shupryt, Jennifer Physical Education
Siert, Lionell Athletic Trainer
Slade, Lindsay Special Education
Smiles, William Mathematics
Smith, Timothy Assistant Superintendent - Buildings & Grounds Administration
Smith, Jeffrey Driver Education, Physical Education
Stanich, Lisa English
Stearns, Stephen Driver Education, Physical Education
Szczudlo, Kate English
Tabor, Helen Secretary
Terleckyj, Andrew English
Thirion, Kristin English, World Languages
Trovato, Ann Secretary
Ventrella, Sarah Family and Consumer Science
Ward, James Industrial Technology
Wielgos, Robert Social Studies
Wielgos, Kelly World Languages
Williams, Carole Family and Consumer Science
Williams, Susan Physical Education
Witting, Thomas Activities Director; Division Chair of Fine Arts Administration
Wojtkiewicz, Valerie Instructional Assistant
Wypych, Iwona Student Services
Young, James Driver Education, Physical Education
Zagata, Bogdan Special Education
Zajac, Bernadette Mathematics
Zasada, Tim Student Services
Zawada, Adam Special Education
Zoltek-Kwak, Teresa ELL
Zurales, Susan Secretary