Staff Job Title Department Email
McKinley, Kyle Special Education
Mendoza, Kimberly Science
Meskill, James Social Studies
Meyer, Charles Industrial Technology
Mierzwa, Iwona Mathematics
Mil, Alexandria Student Services
Montes, Abby Art
Morack, Robert Division Chair of P.E., Drivers' Ed., & C.T.E. Administration, Driver Education, Physical Education
Moran, Matthew World Languages
Mueller, Tammy English
Murphy, Brian English
Nasinska, Krystyna ELL
Negrete, Raymond Assistant Superintendent - Business & Finance Administration
Nelligan, Erin Secretary
Nichols, Richard Industrial Technology
Norway, Barbara Business
Novak, Eric Athletic Director Administration
O'Brien, Margaret Social Worker MO'
O'Dowd, Bridget Special Education
O'Malley, Kelly Science
Oakey, Elizabeth Secretary
ODonnell, Lindsay Student Services
Ostendorf, David Social Studies
Pape, Anthony Physical Education
Pearson, Rachael Student Services
Poulos, Bernadette English
Prendergast, Megan Student Services
Pryde, Denise Secretary
Quinn, Megan Student Services
Radowicz, Bruce
Ragan, William Industrial Technology
Riordan, Daniel Superintendent Administration
Rockett, Krystin Special Education
Rodriguez, Karina Student Services
Romig, Alicia Student Services
Ryan, Kathryn Industrial Technology
Rybczyk, Robert IT
Saunders, Patricia Secretary
Schall, Leslie Special Education
Scheiner, Erik Mathematics
Scheiner, Stacie English
Schoder, Therese Science
Schoenfeld, Laurie Mathematics
Schultz, Julie Director of Student Services Administration
Schultz, Sarah Student Services
Schwarz, Vicki Student Services
Shepherd, Theresa
Shewmaker, Amanda Special Education
Shobe, Marla Secretary
Shupryt, Jennifer Physical Education