Independent Study

Independent Study is an advanced level program designed for students who have completed all other levels of the Child Development sequence including Child Development, Early Childhood Education I and Early Childhood Education II. This year long course is designed for students specifically interested in an early childhood education career. Students are assistants to the director of the Reavis High School Early Childhood Education Center (RECC). They will take on managerial responsibilities, complete mentorships, and engage in realistic experiences. Several topics of advanced study include:

  • Parent Connections
-Planning Orientation
-Designing the Parent Handbook
-Keeping track of students' progress
-Maintaining the RECC Website

  • Preparing the Early Childhood Center
-Assist in planning the layout of the facility
-Preparing the center
-Planning transition activities
-Designing active wear
-Creating the FCS display case
-Planning daily transitions

  • Implementing Activities for Young Children
-Oversee field trips, special events, and special guest days
-Assist in the planning of Preschool Graduation