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Abe Lincoln Books 2015

Vote for your favorite Abe Lincoln Award book.  If you read or listen to at least 4 of the 22 books on the list, you will be eligible to vote on March 1. For every book you read, fill out a ballot and put it in the box in the library.  We will draw 4 ballots every month from November to March 2015 and award prizes.  The more you read, the more chances you have to win.

Celebrate your freedom to read: check out a banned book

Over the past decade, more than 5,000 challenges to books have been reported to the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom. Challenges may have been for sexually inappropriate content, violence, offensive language, religious or social reasons. See the list at  Celebrate your freedom to read.

Rampage 2014

There are still a few copies of Rampage literary & art magazine available for sale in the library and in the Special Programs office.  Get your copy today! $3

The Blind Side

Julien D, Martin R and Jonathan B give this book a four and a half star rating. Based on a true story, Julien says it is a very good sports book.