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Ms. Joy in Science loves Inkheart

If you like the fantasy genre, I think you will love the Inkheart trilogy. Meggie lives with her father, Mortimer, who is a bookbinder. Her father will not read aloud because of a special gift he has: The characters in the books he reads come alive. One night, Meggie spies a strange figure in the garden. His name is Dustfinger, he is a fireeater, he has a pet marten named Gwin, and he is a character that Mo read out of a book years ago.

Rampage 2013 Awards

Rampage Literary & Art Magazine has once again garnered national awards.  Awards for the 2013 issue of Rampage magazine were announced in January.  We received a Silver Medalist Certificate from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association; a ranking of Excellent from the National Council of Teachers of English; and a First Place Award (achieving 940 points out of 1000) from the American Scholastic Press Association.  Senior Editors of Rampage 2013 were Gabi Herrera ’13 and Hannah Misner ’13. 

Fangirl reviewed by Ms. Mc

Cath and Wren are twin sisters who have never been apart.  Both of them have been immersed in writing fan fiction about a Harry Potter-like character named Simon Snow.  Cath wears Simon Snow tees and has Simon Snow posters all over her room.  Her Simon Snow fan fic is a huge hit, and she scores readers in the thousands.  But Cath’s life is changing drastically.  Her sister announces that she doesn’t want to be Cath’s college roommate, and for the first time in her life Cath shares a room

Wild Cards reviewed by Josie Z.

All the Elkeles books I have read I gave 5 stars, and this book didn't disappoint me. I loved it! Wild Cards ended up being a sweet romance filled with simmering attraction. It is another fun and enjoyable read from her that had me grinning and giggling. Derek is infuriating at times, extremely gorgeous, and perfect. He is a bad boy, hence the fun. Ashtyn is such a good character, she's spunky, a tom boy, and really knows how to hold her own against the guys.