FCCLA Competitions

2017 Disney's Cook Around the World with Adriana Perez, Christian Corral, and Beata Stryczula cooking up an Asian Cuisine.

2017 FCCLA State Competition in Springfield, IL!
Name Event Place
Abigale Murabito Cake 1st
Michelle Ustupski Cookie 2nd
Jasmine Ramos Relish 2nd
Elizabeth Shearer  Cookie 2nd
Katarzyna Wojitowicz  Cake 2nd
Adriana Perez Relish 2nd
Martyna Luluaszczylc  Relish 2nd
Maggie Mazur  Relish 2nd
Katie Inglesby  Cookie 2nd
Katie Inglesby  Cookie 3rd
Pezra Verde  Cookie 3rd
Jennifer Mota   Fashion Construction 3rd
Jacquelyn Silva  Fashion Construction 3rd
We are so proud of Abigale Murabito's accomplishment! Her first place award is accompanied by a $12,000 scholarship to Kendall College in Chicago."