Little Rams Wrestling Club

“Little Rams Wrestling Club” is looking for kids ages 5-14 years old who are self- disciplined, self-motivated and Love to Win and Hate to Lose! Come on out and join this one on one sport that demands mental toughness, dedication and self pride! We can teach and develop these qualities in the sport of wrestling, one of the oldest sports in the world, right in your backyard at Reavis High School. Our club is part of the IKWF (Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation) now in its 48th year and the largest youth wrestling organization in the country. Our goal is simple, make a commitment and train like a CHAMPION!

          Wrestling is not Easy!
Give us a lot of Effort, Hard Work, Persistence and Dedication in the practice room and this individual sport will give back by building a “Winner” on and off the wrestling mat.
           We WANT you!
you might be surprised how tough you are!!!
Registration is just $135 for the first child and $95 for each additional sibling! A $50 deposit is required at the time of registration. A $50 postdated equipment check will be collected when equipment is passed out. (You will not be able to participate in tournaments if you choose not to write a postdated check. Sunday tournaments are optional but we do recommend wrestlers try a few each season).
Our fees include: 3 practices per week at Reavis High School (6:15-8pm), the use of our singlets and head gear and you will also receive a Little Rams Wrestling T-Shirt that wrestlers get to keep, IKWF/USAW  competitor card, and a coaching staff with many experienced years in wrestling! Our season starts Nov. 6th and runs thru March 2018.
*All NEW wrestlers must provide a copy of their birth certificate  at registration.
Any questions please contact :
Charlie Manning Varsity Head Wrestling  Coach at Reavis HS at 708.516.3806 or
Tim McDonald  Head Coach of Little  Rams Wresling  Club at 708.277.7007 or