Solar Eclipse Assembly

We have made plans, weather permitting, for Reavis students to view the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st.  In case you were not aware, there will be a partial solar eclipse in Burbank and close to 90% of the sun will be blocked from view by the moon’s shadow.
We are excited to provide this rare opportunity for our students but it is important that they follow safety rules when viewing the eclipse.   All students will be given ISO certified solar eclipse glasses. These glasses were purchased through a vendor that was recommended by the American Astronomical Society. They were not purchased from Amazon.  Students must wear these solar eclipse glasses whenever they look at the eclipse.  Students should NOT bring any cameras, telescopes or binoculars to the assembly.  Students will be permitted to use their cell phones to take pictures of event.  However, students should not take pictures of the sun with their cell phone.  We will be reminding students frequently of the safety rules for observing the eclipse and expect them to follow the rules.  We ask you to please reinforce the importance of wearing the solar eclipse glasses and following all safety rules.  This will help ensure that students will safely enjoy observing the beauty of a rare astronomical event.   For more information about solar eclipses please visit NASAs website at
If, for any reason, you do not want your child to participate in the assembly, please call Sandy Joy at (708) 599-7200 Ext 202 or email her at