Reavis High School is pleased to announce the new group of Reavis faculty members who have achieved National Board Certification. This group is unique in that the process now allows a candidate to submit work over multiple years, and they are the first to certify under the revised system. 
 Reavis has NOW HAD 21 faculty members who have met the rigorous demands of this certification. Considering that only 2% of teachers nationally hold this certification, we have another reason to be proud of our school.  There is nothing easy about the components that ask our faculty to document the ways in which they support students in their academic performance with both instruction and structured interventions,This cadre has worked with NBC Mentors Ms. T. Schoder and Ms. J. Jooste over the past three years as part of Reavis' commitment to being a National Board Professional Development School with the support of the National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University
Mr. A. Davis
Mr. B Faust
Mr. R. Flood
Ms. A. Shewmaker
Ms. L. Slade
Ms. B. Zajac